Regina Type 0, CoffeRacer, no. 3

After completing my 2nd Regina, see the page „My 2nd Regina“, I a few parts left over. Like a frame, rims and a engine. Since the winter season 2012/13, non riding time, had started, I decided to start a crazy project.

A HOREX Regina CoffeRacer

Long story cut short. Around X’mas 2012 it all started and in April 2013 the bike in the initial stage was ready and approved by the german authorities „TÜV“. And still it is HOREX Regina from 1950.

Just check the photos.


Update 11.05.2014

Today I finshed the work on the new seat for my Regina CoffeRacer. It fits much better than the old one I bought. The new is handcrafted from Aluminum. Welded by my friend Mathias Rotte. He is a very good welder, a specialist on it’s own. Check it yourself.

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