Regina Type 0, 400ccm, no. 2

During winter 2010/2011 and in 2011 I actually wanted to build a Regina from scratch, if possible a Sport like my dad owned.

With an alu cylinder head one port right, an Amal carburater with pump…

So I collected parts here and there and started what I wanted to do.

I indeet build up an engine like the 350 Sport but due to some lucky circumstance I changed the approach. The 350 Sport engine is now used for my Regina CoffeRacer.


Very simple I got a 400ccm Type 6 engine with round housing, but the housing was badly damaged. What to do? Easy chop the broken housing part, luckely the round housing corner, which I don’t like anyhow and replace it with a sharp corner housing of a type 0 engine.

Result, you get a very unique sharp corner type 0 housing with al advantages of a type 6 engine and power. 🙂


The 2nd Regina, 400ccm

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I hope it explains itself