My HOREX bikes

All about my HOREX bike…..

The virus for the brand and model was set long time ago by my father. He owned a HOREX Regina 350 Sport in 1952. And he sold it (he had to) to have sufficient funds for a VW Käfer with Bretzel Fenster. He needed to buy to have a vehicle to transport his growing family.

I  never saw my fathers Regina. I only new it from his stories. And it always came to the fact of the pure and unique sound of the bike.

My first real Regina I saw early 2010, while my wish to own one became strong.

Horex010My parents and the Regina 350 Sport


From the time my father told me about until I owned finally my own Regina it took a while. And I owned quited some motorcyles and cars in the meantime.

But today I know what my father meant, while highlighting always the sound of a Regina.

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I hope it explains itself